quinta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2010

my hands are growing

kiss me and forever free me from this inner cage. lost inside a thousand walls that keep me in this alluring prison... who's to blame? emotional wreck for lack of compassion, to love and die or to live and die from the absence of love, that is the question. wrap me up, unfold me... I am small and needy, warm me up and breathe me... that's what she said. the girl who just cannot keep steady even though she craves for stability. what to do with such irrational state of mind? what to live for if not to love and be loved? sometimes I feel him talking to me through my thoughts, nights like this one when I can't sleep, just thinking and wondering where did it all go? so many questions, so many sentences that were already spoken... so repetitive, but what are the words that were never spoken before? is there such thing as an untold story? an idea that wasn't thought about before? there is no future, just the repetition of everything that was already said and written. we are little pieces putting together the puzzle of life, which was already thought through before... so why is it so hard to understand? why is it so hard to get any answers? why do we ask so many questions? same doubts, different instruments. if only the wind would stop so it could start again in a new/old way.